Wisdom Tooth Extraction and Dental Implant Nerve Injuries

Getting one’s wisdom teeth removed can be a painful and stressful experience. While performing dental procedures, dentists must exercise extreme care not to injure vital anatomical structures in the oral cavity, including nerves. An extraction, injection or dental implant nerve injury can have unpleasant and lifelong consequences. For example, the extraction of wisdom teeth (third molars) can give rise to dental malpractice suits relating to an injury of the lingual nerve that has caused either temporary or permanent nerve damage and related symptoms such as a pain within the tongue and along the mucosa on the tongue side of the teeth. The pain can be burning, dull, achy, electric shock or a combination. You may also have numbness as the only symptom, or can have a combination of numbness and pain, loss of ability to taste, difficulty in speaking, drooling or even more serious complications.

Damage to the inferior alveolar nerve is an unusual but important complication that can occur from the removal of mandibular third molar teeth or dental implant placement. The inferior alveolar nerve runs in a bony canal within the mandible in close proximity to the root tips of mandibular molar teeth. Damage to the nerve manifests itself as a sensory disturbance of the lower lip and chin up to the midline. The commons symptoms include numbness, tingling, pain, burning or electric shock sensations of the lip, chin, and gums, drooling and speech impairment.

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