Jordan Pine is not only an attorney, but a licensed dentist.

“Jordan Pine is not only an attorney, but a licensed dentist. I found the combination of these two professions beneficial in handling our cases. Jordan treated every aspect of our cases with care and concern and was always available. His estimate of timelines and what our experience would be was spot on with what transpired. We felt completely heard, consulted and informed, and could not have asked for a better scenario. He was clear and concise in his communication and was responsive to every aspect of our cases. The outcome of both cases was excellent as we settled with mediation without needing to go to trial. Thank you for all that you have done for us. I do not believe that anyone else could have done a better job!”

Fred & Angela Koczwara

I highly recommend the services of Jordan Pine.

“I highly recommend the services of Jordan Pine. I had a life changing negative dental experience while seeing a dentist that I trusted. When I realized that my dentist’s actions would effect my life on a daily basis, I sought help. The first lawyer I went to was only a lawyer. He looked at my case and determined that I did not have one. I knew he was wrong and I wanted to take action not only to be compensated for my suffering, but also to make sure it did not happen to someone else. That’s when I found Jordan Pine. Jordan is not only a lawyer, but a dentist as well. I was impressed to say the least. What impressed me most about Jordan was not only his clear superior qualifications but his genuine caring for what I had experienced. Based on his dental background, after I told Jordan about my ordeal, he immediately knew what my dentist did wrong. He was able to use his dual training to develop a successful strategy and orchestrate a successful resolution. At deposition, he knew exactly what to ask the dentist and how because he himself had the requisite knowledge. It is without hesitation that I would recommend Jordan as an attorney. In hiring Jordan, you are hiring someone with strong moral values, natural kindness and skill.”

Salihah R. Denman

Jordan Pine is extremely knowledgeable and professional!

“Jordan Pine is extremely knowledgeable and professional. I reached out to him at a time when our options appeared limited and the likelihood of a favorable resolution seemed almost impossible. I had allowed years to pass before I sought legal advice. He made sure I understood the process and explained what realistic expectations of the case were. My family and I are beyond grateful for his service and I absolutely recommend Mr. Pine without reservation.”

Eleanor Jacobs

Extremely knowledgeable in the area of dental malpractice.

“Jordan Pine is an excellent lawyer, extremely knowledgeable in the area of dental malpractice. He was able to secure what I felt was a very fair resolution to settling my case. He knows how to play hardball with these big insurance companies. I also like the fact that he is willing to explain how things work in the justice system and what is possible given the location of the courts.”

Joe Giroux